Giving Back

Our commitment to supplying high quality organic ingredients to improve health and well-being for our customers and supporting charitable organisations, are the basis of our core values. 

Each month, we donate to a variety of local Australian charities and organisations. As a company we try our best to be aware of domestic and global crisis that may need our support. Through this awareness, we donate to organisations that are able to assist both people and the planet on our behalf. 

Along with our chosen charitable organisations, as a customer buying our carbon neutral ingredients, you are supporting the regeneration of the Tambopata National Reserve and the Bahuaja-Sonene National Park in Peru. Our combined efforts prevent further deforestation and support the Peruvian farmers through local economic growth. Read more about our Carbon Neutral Certification under the Sustainability tab.

Local Australian Charities:

Petitions Phyto-Therapy has signed:

  • Ban Single use plastic in Australia (here)
  • Stop Australian Wildlife Extinction Crisis (here)
  • Defending the unburnt six (here)
  • Take action on Defending the Great Barrier Reef (here)