Showcase Concepts

One of Phyto-Therapy’s most effective ‘hands-on’ Marketing tools, has been our own Finished Product concepts to showcase to clients during our in-house meetings.  To conceptualise a formula and create a product that can be seen, touched and tasted, stimulates so many interesting ideas and possibilities. 


Essential Organics products allow us to showcase a product and stimulate ideas with our clients.  It gives clients something to try and discuss once we have left the meeting.  ACO (Australian Certified Organic) review each ingredient and formulation, and conduct annual audits to ensure ongoing compliance.

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We needed an excuse to create yummy, nutritious Organic Bliss & Protein Balls.  Stefano Pelligrino has been selling his hand-made Bliss Balls at various Farmers Markets for years and was looking for a partner to scale up to commercial quantities.  We met, we tasted and realised the synergism of what both parties could bring to the table as a partnership.

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