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The Phyto Climate Positive Programme provides a carbon offset solution for our customers by acquiring carbon credits through Ecosphere+, the world’s largest portfolio of forest carbon projects.

Phyto-Therapy calculates the greenhouse emissions from our company, the ingredients we offer, our bulk blending services and packing, which is then independently audited by Carbon Intel and then Certified by Climate Active.

This process starts with the farms, manufacturing, transportation and warehousing. Through this process, all of Phyto-Therapy’s ingredients and organisation is Carbon Neutral.


Ecosphere+ Tambopata-BahUaja Biodiversity Project

The Tambopata-Bahuaja project is linked directly to avoiding deforestation in the Peruvian Amazon by working with local communities to create an economic buffer zone protecting threatened tropical rainforest in an internationally recognised biodiversity hotspot.

The project integrates conservation and sustainable economic development to conserve 591,851 hectares forest (an area about the size of Los Angeles). The project is part of the Althelia Climate Fund and implemented in partnership with AIDER, a local Peruvian NGO.

The Amazon rainforest provides 20% of the worlds oxygen. It regulates and filters water, anchors soil to prevent erosion, protects the biodiversity and nurtures thousands of species that carry out environmentally crucial roles, such as pollination.

The work done by Ecosphere+ and their technical partners on the ground helps to address the drivers of deforestation whilst also protecting habitats and offering impoverished communities a more sustainable way of making a living.


The 591,851ha of the Tambopata-Bahuaja Biodiversity Reserve (green area) is located in Madre de Dios, a region in south-eastern Peru in the Amazon Rainforest. On the Northern side of the reserve is the buffer zone where the project aims to reduce deforestation pressures by promoting sustainable economic activities such as cacao agroforestry. These activities aim to create a barrier to protect the rainforest and provide local people with forest-friendly and sustainable livelihoods.

Copyright: Marlon Dag. Sunset over the Tambopata-Bahuaja Landscape