Bulk Blend

Through the entire process of concept to formulas, throughout the production process to bulk powder blends, we have developed customised skills and achieved a high level of efficiency and price competitiveness.

At Phyto-Therapy we pride ourselves on being able to source innovative & sought-after ingredients that give a point of difference to each of our clients’ unique products.

We can advise and support our clients in all areas of Product Development including:

  • Concept Brief – client’s ideas, our ideas, concepts and inspiration.
  • Formulation – samples created to satisfy taste, mouthfeel, smell and visual appeal.
  • Food Product Specification and Analytical Certificates available.
  • Manufacturing – we can take your formula to Bulk Blend stage, managing logistics and procurement of ingredients.
  • Marketing – information from our Suppliers and promotional documents from overseas tradeshows, whom we visit annually.
  • Certification – Australian Certified Organic (ACO) and HACCP Certified Manufacture.
  • Regulatory Compliance – assist in Health Claims and Label Guides.
  • Carbon Neutrality – Through our Affiliate Programme, see here.
  • Ongoing support and liaison through our friendly & qualified team.

For all Bulk Blend services, Phyto-Therapy has a New Product Development Fee which will be determined at point of contact based on variables for example; end application and quantity of products to develop.

Our typical minimum Bulk Blend quantity is 500-600kg per SKU.

If you would like further information on our Bulk Blend services, please contact us here.