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At Phyto-Therapy,  we are passionate about organic Functional Foods and the positive impact organic cultivation has on our planet.  Our reputation has been built on offering novel formulations containing innovative organic ingredients.

Phyto-Therapy is involved in the sourcing and supply of organic ingredients and herbal extracts, through our global network of Supply Partners.  We hold our own Organic Processing Licence with ACO (Australian Certified Organic), with each organic ingredient verified with a Transaction Certificate traceable back to the organic farm it came from.

As a value-added service, we offer ‘turnkey’ products to our clients, with support in formulating, costing, manufacture, packaging & Organic Certification included in the per unit price.

Miles Wayne – Founder

Our Nutritionist – Cassandra Law talks about our Organic Baobab Powder that is a unique Superfood for Summer 2017..

Organic Baobab Fruit

Baobab is the common name for each of the nine species of tree in the genus Adansonia

Of those nine species, six are native to Madagascar and two to the Arabian Peninsula and mainland Africa and one to Australia. The shape of the Baobab fruit can sometimes be obtuse, oblong-cylindrical or globose and is covered in a velvety yellow-greenish hair. The seeds inside the woody thick outer shell are reniform and embedded in the dry mealy pulp.