Sweeteners & Flavours

Phyto-Therapy provides a wide range of natural flavours as well as Organic Certified Sweeteners to the Australian wholesale market.

The Natural flavours are perfect for food and beverage application in combination with our sweeteners or to enhance one of our many Organic Certified Vegan Protein powders or Fruit and Veg powders.

Phyto-Therapy sells in bulk, Organic Stevia as well as Natural Flavours Apple, Berry, Caramel, Chocolate and Vanilla.

Contact Phyto-Therapy to inquire about the purchase of our Natural Flavours or Sweeteners.

Flavours powder, (Natural)

Phytotherapy stocks an extensive range of natural flavours, including: Natural Caramel, Natural Double Choc, Natural Vanilla, Natural Apple, and Natural Berry. Contact us today to order your favourite natural flavours.

Organic Stevia, 90% Stevioside, powder

Organic Stevia Extract 90% Powder is an ACO certified plant-based sweetener containing Rebaudioside A, known to be the sweetest of all the compounds in the Stevia leaf.

Stevia, 98% Rebaudioside A powder

Phyto-Therapy’s Stevia Rebaudioside A 98% is a white crystaline powder also known as sugar leaf or sweet leaf that is said to be >480 times sweeter than sucrose.

Any inquiries for bulk purchasing, please click here or call our direct number 02 9913 2100 and a member of the Phyto team will get back to you as soon as possible