Plant Based Proteins

Phyto-Therapy is one of the largest bulk ingredient wholesalers in Australia supplying Certified Organic and Carbon Neutral Plant-Based Protein powders.

View our range of Plant-Based Proteins below.

PhytoPea – Organic Pea Protein powder

Organic Pea Protein is an ACO certified plant-based source of protein with a full spectrum amino acid profile. Our Organic Pea Protein is manufactured using quality yellow peas.

Phytopea SF – Sprouted Fermented Pea Protein Powder

Organic PhytoPea™ is an ACO Certified Sprouted Fermented Pea Protein concentrate that has been wet-milled and fermented to attain an 80% protein content.

PhytoRice® – Sprouted Brown Rice Protein powder

Organic PhytoRice® is an ACO Certified Sprouted Brown Rice Protein concentrate that has a less chalky texture than many leading rice proteins and typically contains an 85% protein content.

PhytoHemp™ – Hemp Protein powder

Organic PhytoHemp™ Protein is a certified organic plant based protein and a wholefood source of dietary fibre and good fats derived from the seed inside the husk.

PhytoPea TPP – Flakes

PhytoPea TPP Flakes is Texturised Pea Protein made from Sprouted Fermented Golden Yellow Peas. The process of making the texturised protein flakes is a patented extrusion method, which turns the whole peas into a more fibrous meat-like texture.

Sacha Inchi – Protein powder

Organic Sacha Inchi is an ACO certified Wholefood Protein Powder, derived from the seeds of Sacha Inchi that is grown natively in the Peruvian Amazon region.

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