Phyto Climate Positive Programme


“World’s first fully certified carbon neutral ingredient supplier”

What is the Phyto Climate Positive Programme?

Our goal is to take responsibility for the environmental impact of our business, and in doing so, help to address the issue of climate change.

We are doing this by having our organisation and products certified as carbon neutral under the Climate Active standard. Our impact is positive since we offset more emissions than our business generates, justified through our conservative measurement estimates.

What is Climate Active?

Climate Active is a partnership between the Australian Government and Australian businesses to drive voluntary climate action.

Climate Active Carbon Neutral certification is considered one of the most rigorous in the world. 

Steps to becoming Climate Active;

1- Measure: Identify, measure, and quantify all attributable greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions sources.

  • We have conducted a hybrid life cycle analysis to measure the climate impact of our organisation and products. From this, we calculated our total carbon footprint and verified this figure through an external auditing process.

 2- Reduce: Reduce emissions where possible and look to make year-on-year improvements. 

  • We have developed an emissions reduction strategy that looks to make yearly improvements on emissions intensity (emissions produced / $ revenue)

3- Offset: Offset remaining emissions with verifiable carbon credit units.

  • Our carbon credits have been acquired from Ecosphere+, an environmental services company that specialises in deforestation avoidance initiatives. The project we support is located in the Madre de Dios region of the Peruvian Amazon, and focuses on implementing sustainable farming practices and monitoring illegal forestry activities. You can read more about these offsets here.
Phyto Carbon Bank

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Affiliate program

As a part of our service offering to our Bulk Blend and Turn Key product customers, we are now offering the opportunity for customers to get involved in the Phyto Climate Positive Program by having their products certified as carbon neutral in connection to our Climate Active certification.

Customers that wish to certify as carbon neutral would be required to enter under an affiliate agreement that ensures the additional emissions associated with the finished products made are included under our own certification.

This requires that we measure the emissions from additional processes contributing to finished good delivery (packaging, filling, distribution etc.)

Disclaimer: this program only applies to our bulk blend customers, and does not allow raw material customers to be nominated as affiliates in connection to our climate active certification.

Climate Active Public Disclosure Statements for: