Phyto Fruit and Vegetable powder blend


Based on FSANZ pre-approved claims;

  • The combination of eight fruit and vegetables, provides a good source of fibre to support healthy digestion and elimination of toxins from the body
  • A carefully selected mixture of eight fruit and vegetables provides super nutrients and a wide spectrum of phytochemicals for healthy bodies
  • Research has shown that increasing your daily fruit and vegetables will make you healthier and happier.


  • Health Star Rating = 5
  • Plant-based wholefood containing vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals
  • Alkaline & alkalising
  • Easily recognised & absorbed by the body as a multi-source of nutrients


  • ACO (Australian Certified Organic)
  • Five popular vegetables & three popular fruits in one easy blend
  • Subtle berry flavour
  • Free from GMO, dairy, soy, additives

Phyto Fruit and Vegetable powder Blend is an ACO certified organic, plant-based source of high quality nutrition, blended exclusively by Phyto-Therapy. It is soluble in water and is suitable for use in food beverage powders. the Phyto Organic Fruit and Vegetable Blend is a green colour, however when mixed with liquid, it turns a beautiful deep pink/purple colour with a subtle berry flavour.

Physical & Chemical
Moisture (%) ≤ 10.0
Ash (%) ≤ 10.0
Total Plate Count ≤ 100,000 cfu/g
Yeast & Mould ≤ 1,000 cfu/g
Escherichia. coli <10 cfu/g
Salmonella spp Absent/25g
Coag tve Staphylococci <100 cfu/g
Taste Characteristic
Colour Light Green Powder
Certification Certified Organic ACO
Allergens Free from GMO, dairy, soy, gluten, eggs, nuts
Safety Food Grade, suitable for human consumption
Shelf Life 2 years in original sealed bags <30°c
Packaging 20kg cartons containing two 10kg foil bags purged with nitrogen
TYPICAL DATA (All Figures Based on Independent Analysis)
Organic Beetroot juice powder, Organic Carrot juice powder, Organic Kale leaf powder, Organic Spinach leaf powder, Organic Acai Berry juice powder, Organic Apple juice powder, Organic Broccoli sprout powder, Organic Grape juice powder
Nutritional Labelling per 100g (Typical Composition)
Energy 1460kJ
Protein 9.8g
Fat total – 4.4g
saturated – 0.1g
Carbohydrates total – 73.9g
sugars – 43g
dietary fibre – 13.5g
Sodium 303mg
Potassium 2,150mg
Calcium 779mg
Magnesium 215mg
Iron 5.1mg
Carbon Emissions 21.9 kg CO2-e/kg

* the health claims available for this ingredient are dose related. If you are unsure, please seek regulatory advice to ensure compliance