Sacha Inchi – Protein powder


Based on FSANZ pre-approved claims;

  • Good source of protein to support muscle mass
  • Protein can assist in strong and healthy bones and tissue
  • An excellent source or fibre to support bowel health
  • A fibre boost to keep you regular and assist in healthy digestion
  • A diet low in saturated and trans fatty acids reduces total blood cholesterol or blood LDL cholesterol


  • Health Star Rating = 5
  • Digestible plant-based protein
  • Contains all essential amino acids
  • Contains omegas 3, 6 and 9
  • Contains minerals


  • ACO (Australian Certified Organic)
  • Perfect for smoothies
  • Sustainably farmed in Peru
  • Perfect for food and beverage applications
  • Free from GMO, dairy, soy, additives


  • Protein powders
  • Healthy bones
  • Fibre
  • Digestion
  • Heart health

Organic Sacha Inchi is an ACO certified Wholefood Protein Powder, derived from the seeds of Sacha Inchi that is grown natively in the Peruvian Amazon region. Sacha Inchi seeds have been consumed by the indigenous communities for centuries for optimal health support. Our Organic Sacha Inchi Wholefood Protein Powder contains the full-spectrum of all the essential amino acids, as well dietary fibre, omegas and minerals to form a complete nutritional profile. It has a subtle nut-like taste, can be used as standalone protein product, or as a great addition to other plant-sourced protein in any food or beverage product.

Purchase bulk supply of our certified organic Sacha Inchi powder. From Peru, used in healthy food and beverages, you can buy in Australia from Phyto-Therapy. Contact us today.

Physical & Chemical
Moisture (%) ≤ 8.0
Protein (%) 57 ~ 63
Total Plate Count ≤ 100,000 cfu/g
Yeast & Mould ≤ 1,000 cfu/g
Escherichia. coli <10 cfu/g
Salmonella spp Absent/25g
Taste Nutty, typical Sacha Inchi
Colour Cream, light beige
Certification Certified Organic ACO, USDA, NOP, EU, Kosher
Allergens Free from GMO, dairy, soy, additives
Safety Food Grade, suitable for human consumption
Shelf Life 2 years in original sealed bag < 25°C (protect from air & light)
Packaging 20kg in carton
TYPICAL DATA (All Figures Based on Independent Analysis)
Certified Organic Sacha Inchi Wholefood Protein, Organic Plukenetia volubilis Linneo, Organic Sacha Inchi Powder
Nutritional Labelling per 100g (Typical Composition)
Energy 1704kJ
Protein 62.3g
Fats total – 9.7g
saturated – 0.8g
mono – 0.8g
poly – 8.1g
omega-3 – 4.69g
omega-6 – 3.42g
trans – 0.0g
Carbohydrates available – 2.9g
sugars – 2.7g
Dietary Fibre 13.9g
Sodium <5.0mg
Calcium 410mg
Iron 7mg
Magnesium 510mg
Phosphorus 920mg
Potassium 1050mg
Zinc 8mg
Carbon Emissions 7.9 kg CO2-e/kg

* the health claims available for this ingredient are dose related. If you are unsure, please seek regulatory advice to ensure compliance


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