Organic Maca powder


Based on FSANZ pre-approved claims;

  • Protein for the growth and support of tissue building & repair
  • Soluble fibre can slow down digestion and make you feel fuller for longer
  • Fibre plays an important part in healthy digestion


  • Health Star Rating = 5
  • High nutritional value
  • Enhances physical & mental performance
  • Adaptogen


  • ACO (Australian Certified Organic)
  • Superfood of the Andes
  • Resistant to harsh weather
  • Cultivated 3800-4200 metres above sea level
  • Sourced from Peruvian Andes
  • Free from GMO, dairy, soy, additives


  • Protein powders
  • Pre-workout
  • Well-being formulas

Organic Maca Powder is an ACO certified organic ingredient with high nutritional value. Maca has been used since Inca times to improve physical and mental performance. Being cultivated between 3800-4200 metres above sea level, it is one of the few crops that can endure the harsh weather in the Andes. Our Organic Maca Powder has an earthy taste with a nutty flavour, making it a perfect complement to smoothies and other beverage applications. It is naturally rich in dietary fibre, as well as providing plentiful amounts of vitamins and minerals.

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Physical & Chemical
Particle Size 80 Mesh
Moisture (%) ≤ 7.0
Total Plate Count <100,000 cfu/g
Yeast & Mould 1,000 cfu/g
Escherichia. coli <3 MPN/g
Salmonella spp Absent/25g
Staphylococcus aureu <3 MPN/g
Taste Nutty, typical Maca
Colour Beige
Certification Certified Organic ACO, NOP, EU, USDA, Kosher
Allergens Free from GMO, dairy, soy, additives
Safety Food Grade, suitable for human food consumption
Shelf Life 2 years in original sealed bag <30°c (protect from air & light)
Packaging 20kg in carton
TYPICAL DATA (All Figures Based on Independent Analysis)
Organic Maca Powder, Organic Lepidiym meyenii Walp powder
Nutritional Labelling per 100g (Typical Composition)
Energy 142.3kJ
Protein 11.9g
Fats total – 0.6g
saturated – 0.2g
Carbohydrates available – 67.2g
sugars – 24.2g
Dietary Fibre 10.1g
Sodium 206.7mg
Carbon Emissions 3.3 kg CO2-e/kg

* the health claims available for this ingredient are dose related. If you are unsure, please seek regulatory advice to ensure compliance


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